{APK} Opera Mini” web browser

 Opera Mini” web browser android
Opera Mini web browser  APK for Android gives you a fastest, full web experience. Save data while surfing and downloading your favorite content.
New features
Improved downloads - This update brings you a higher success rate for direct downloading.
QR codes - You can scan now and generate QR codes from within this app.
 Language selection – you can easily change the browser's language from the settings menu.
Why Choose Opera Mini?
·         Full web-browsing experience - High-compression mode ensures a full web experience without using up your data allowance.
·         Keep track of data usage – you can check your daily mobile data savings on daily basis. You will use much less compared to other web browsers. Browse the internet fastest and stretch your data plan.
·         Browse privately - Browse with private tabs to prevent your browsing history from saving on your device.
Other highlights
§  Save your favorite sites links: Tap the “+” button on the search bar to save a page to speed dial, add it to your mobile bookmarks or read it offline.
ü  Get the latest news: Enjoy one-click access to the top latest stories and freshest content from across the internet.
ü  Sync your content: Access your favorite bookmarks, speed dials or open tabs across all devices.
ü  Night mode: Indistinct the screen to reduce eye stress.



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