Chrome Browser - Google [APK]


Download Chrome Browser - Google v 47.0.2526.83 (252608300) APK for Android

Name: Chrome Browser - Google                 Developer: Google Inc.
Version: 47.0.2526.83 (252608300)          Updated: Feb 19, 2015      Downloads: 25.7K+
Chrome Browser - Google [APK]
Chrome Browser - Google is here to start browsing the web at intense fastest speeds. The official web browser by Google is one of the most popular Internet surfing applications available for Android devices. The app is loaded with various features for browse the Internet accessibly; it has also made the private browsing more convenient on Android phones and tablet devices.
Chrome Browser is one of the fast Internet browsers for android phones/tablets
A secure browser for retrieving complex pages over the Internet
Supports multiple tabs
Easy bookmark management
Private browsing
Google Voice search feature is joined with Chrome
Motion support
Saves data for offline use
Syncs across multiple devices
Fast file downloading

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