Download Real Lion Hunting Game APK For Android Free Download

Real Lion Hunting

you will enjoy to play this awesome Real Lion Hunter game that you are a hunter or have over the hunting game, so  Here is a Real Lion hunting game on APK Apps. 
There is a number of Real lions in this game. you have to hunt the real lions as a hunter. You are equipped with sniper gun with telescope as a favorite gun for hunting. these Lions are the most dangerous animal in the forest, you will have to hunt them and survival of yourself is must. you will have to play an active role to kill the animals  Otherwise lion can catch and tear your body in a lot of pieces.
There are so many levels in the game you have to cross the level step by step to kill the animals .
for high score level you have to hunt the loins within short time.

Game Features:-
- Real 3-D Jungle Environment.
- Easy to Control and Multiple Touch Enables.
- The Natural Sounds of Real wild lions and Bullets fired.
- Multiple eye catching and attractive levels.



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