Fringle APK for android

Fringle- APK

Download Fringle for android that mobile or tablet. Fringle is a social hangout platform in which friends and family sharing their private location, temporarily. Whether are in a dinner with a group, or about to carpool on the way to workplace, or even picks your loved one of the airport or bus stand. Or guide someone new to the city, use Fringle to bid goodbye to all the hassles involved in getting there.
It is very simple to download just to follow some very easy steps by clink the link below and enjoy its features on the go for free.

Use of Fringle to?
• Catch up with friends for Lunch dinner, coffee, drinks, etc.
• Carpool with your gang when you go out.
• Find your friends or colleagues when you have nothing to do.
• Keep your concerned loved one informed at all times.
• Get together at a party at anywhere.
• Guide a friend who is new to the city to find the location that they need.
• Find a perfect restaurant close to both of you.
Additional information 
File Name: Fringle
Latest Version: 1.0.18
 Updated: May 14, 2016

Requires: Android 3.0 and up

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