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Cat Room - APK


Download “Cat Room APK" for your android devices that mobile or tablets which is a free game where you can create your own peculiar room with cute cats .Cute cats such as kittens and Scottish fold, Munchkin, American shorthair.
Cute cats such as kittens and Scottish fold, Munchkin, American shorthair Himalayan, ragdoll, Norwegian forest, Russian blue, Abyssinian, Bengal, Persian, Manx cat, Turkish van, American curl, Selkirk rex, Siamese, Somali, sphynx cat etc. appear.

Various methods to play

  • increase your love points by take care of cute cats 
  • increase your love points By Take care of kittens and cats
  • Collect produce from planters
  • Collect recipes and make lots of food and desserts
  • Get your own  cat
  • For those playing the mini garden game, decorate your own room however you want
  • Fold puzzles and collect cats
  • Baby Room is a feature where you can nurture kittens, you can select them as adult or kitties size cats.


Suggested for those kinds of people

those who loves and care for cats and other cute animals
those who like city-building games
those who like dress up games or room simulation games
those who like cat games or games where you care for things

Additional Information

 Latest Version: 1.0.52
 Updated: March 19, 2018
 Requires: Android 4.1 and up
 Developer: Cross Field Inc.
 Content Rating: Everyone
you can download now for free by click download button and enjoy the game.

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