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Secret Video Recorder - APK


Download Secret Video Recorder Pro for your android device that mobile or tablet. This is such a wonderful app which is released by the developers in the market with a lot of indigent features and the functions. The ability of this amazing app to record video is invisible and hidden. You can record videos with different hidden ways. Is the screen off, the background of the screen and more? What you are doing and you are recording a video that is totally secret. Press single at the record button and start to capture a video, send video via SMS and automatic recording option is also being included in there. The video is capturing will be saved in HD quality and original quality of your device camera. This is the best and smart background camera recorder and peoples need to download such applications and this is the first one in the Android market which has a lot of such features and the functions.  

By following ,some very easy and simple steps you can see some more features of Secret Video Recorder Pro at below few steps.

  •  High-resolution recording for free.
  • Unlimited and unbreakable record timing.
  • No Keypad sound during capture a video.
  • Preview is unavailable. So, it will be saved automatically after completion of a video process.
  • It is designed with strong materials.
  • Press the button once to start recording.
  • The video will continue when your screen going to sleep.
  • It supports dual sided camera.
  • Full HD video resolution to recording.
  • Must check free storage before recording.
  • It's easy to find the recorded files on the right path.
  • You can also protect your videos with the screen lock.
  • Hide your recorded videos too by the option at there.

Just click the link given below and start download to enjoy its latest features on the go.The application is fully protected from the worms and the threats.

Additional Information:

Name: Secret Video Recorder Pro
Developer: CME Services
Category: Tools
Version: v10.0

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