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Download Snapchat  for your android devices that mobile or tablets. this is an apk app that keeps in touch with friends and family members. in this app you can share your favorite events, photos, videos and messages that will be disappear automatically without trace within few seconds.

you can share:

 you can just take some quick snapshots and add some favorite stickers/message and it is on your choice that how long you want to snap to be visible to your family or friends.


Anyone who wants to get your snaps, he will be needed to install the app as well. Just follow some security measures you have to send a snap anytime and one will take screenshot; you will be notified always that who got pictures of what he got.

Updated Features:

Some time ago Snapchat was very simple that anybody could erase the sending photos, but now this has been updated, and popular communicating through messages has been evolved to represents what looks like a major component of social media in the future. especially video message.

How Snapchat make a bridge to fill the gap with Instagram;

Social Media networks has shaken the stories of Instagram massively, especially some apps has suffered several damages particularly, Snapchat innovated and made excellent the disappearance of constant. Snapchat has rolled out a helpful of novelties, it will be a hope to close the gap.

just follow some easy steps to install this app by click link below and enjoy its latest features on  the go.

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